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  • the Florida Real Estate Commission: (FREC) Rule 61J2-10.028 (2) provides that a licensee may share brokerage compensation with a party to a transaction as long as full disclosure is given to all interested parties
  • not a financing offer


Q. My Realtor told me that discount commissions means discount service?

A: Although your Realtor may be a nice person, they probably have to split their commissions with their Broker or pay a Franchise Fee!! They need to justify higher commissions. We are privately owned and are the Brokers with low overhead; we pass the savings to you! We do not compromise our service because we are building on our reputation of savings and service!

Q: My current Realtor told me that discount Brokers can't afford to advertise.

A: Your Realtor may have Franchise or desk fees to pay every month. Those fees are very expensive and cut into their commissions so they have to charge more in order to advertise. We have low over-head and the internet has been a great equalizer in competitive costs. We average 250+ websites, plus plus local print advertising. Our strong marketing business backgrounds lend itself to knowing how to capture the markets through advertising.

Q: My Realtor told me that if the commissions are lower that the buyer's agent will not show my home. Really? 

A: Has your Realtor advised you that we're in a seller's market with record low inventory and that most buyers average six months looking for a house? Also, it is unethical and unprofessional to deliberately deny a buyer the ability to purchase your home. We do an extensive amount of advertising and market your house to sell. If your house is still available the buyer will ask their agent to show them the house. If the agent does not agree then that buyer will seek out another agent, or call our office directly to inquire about the house! Buyers will see the advertising and want to see your house!! We also do marketing to our "buyers list".

Q: I heard that if a Realtor accepts to list a house at a lower commission they are not good negotiators and won't help me sell my home when an offer is made.

A: Once again, first of all we're in a seller's market, so if you price your house right, you'll get multiple offers immediately and you'll be in control of what stays and what goes (the buyers will be begging you.) We price all of our listings at the current market. Based on the current market we don't overprice or underprice your home. We are experienced professionals and recognize there will be Appraisals and Inspections that will dictate the selling prices. We are excellent in making sure all details are done and that your house will sell within the range we recommend. Negotiations are a natural part of the Real Estate transaction, but we are on the persuasive side since we do things right the first time. This is another excuse your Realtor is giving you to try to get you to raise your commissions! Is your realtor worth thousands of dollars more to you?

Q: How do you determine your discount fees?

A: The first step is to evaluate your home, location, condition and target selling price. If you are realistic with your asking price, and take suggestions regarding the condition or "staging" of your home, we would discount our commissions. Also, the higher priced your home the deeper the discounts.

Q: My house is listed with another Broker and is about to expire, what will you do differently?

A: It has been our experience that the seller and other agent did not discuss the true "net dollars" of the sales price. If you or the agent were trying to sell and cover the closing costs the asking price was probably wrong to begin with. The other factors are condition and availability to show your home easily without you being in the house! We also have an extensive marketing and business background helping to sell the houses we list..


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